Welcome to DMK Designs

DMK might be a smaller men's underwear label but designer Diane Kirkland definitely knows how to create a flattering underwear pattern for the male body. Many of her cuts are form-fitting yet shape well to the male profile without involving extensive straps, pockets or slings with fabrics and colors that are eye-catching as well. This review covers the DMK 5-0-1 tie-dye bikini brief which is a classic-cut brief available primarily in a blue color although I was able to get my hands on a more rare purple-blue version and there is a purple-pink version as well. The fabric is a very soft, stretchable and comfortable blend of 60% polyester, 30% rayon and 10% spandex.

Even though the material does not include any cotton it feels very natural and is easy to wear across most of the activities you'll go through the day. This is a very classically designed-bikini with a fully-covered 3/4" tall elastic waistband that fits nicely without being too tight. I've found DMK Designs underwear to be true-to-size and this bikini brief was no exception with a good fit in my normal medium. On the front-center of the waistband you'll find a small 1" wide by 1/2" tall DMK logo patch in white which is understated but adds a nice visual design element. I really liked the very minimal tags in the interior-back of the waistband which measured only 1 5/8" wide by 1/2" tall and were made from a nice shiny white synthetic nylon. The back is full coverage with leg-band reinforced with 3/8" thick covered elastic to help keep everything in place during movement. The sides of the brief narrow to a low-profile 1" tall not including the waistband. 

Returning to the front of the brief you'll find a nicely shaped 2-panel pouch that is dual-layered and thus feels very durable and effective for providing coverage. The pouch is shaped in a way that provides comfortable lift and definition while still giving room up front. I would say the size of the pouch is around the "regular" range with some tendency to be a bit snug on the fit. The front tends to plunge down quite a bit when wearing so these can be characterized as very low-rise bikini briefs.